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Sound ‘Round: Jason Derulo / Low Cut Connie

Having fun with the lowest common denominators 

Jason Derulo – Everything is 4 (Warner Bros.)

Jason Derulo - Everything is 4He extends his reign as America’s No. 1 friend with benefits by employing the same charisma and charm found on previous quests for copulation and cuddles. Derulo remains the nicest guy on Top 40, and his bedroom jams are refreshing for their utilitarian nature. Be it a passionate tryst without the sheets, a quickie in the car or the promise to “kiss and make it better,” his one-track goal for pleasure is often concerned for both parties. Songs in the early going hit-it-and-quit-it until the bevy of guest spots turns his playful forays into exercises in the missionary position. But the only dud to be found is the duet with Juliana Michaels that’s so dull it makes me want to swallow a bottle of Viagra. A lot of dirty deeds are discussed, but don’t confuse Derulo’s pillow-talk obsession for a streak of hidden perversion. He’s still classy enough to bid good luck to his ex on the finale. GRADE: A-

Key Tracks: “Want to Want Me” / “X2CU” / “Love Me Down”

Low Cut Connie – Hi Honey (Contender)

Low Cut Connie - Hi HoneyThree albums in and these Philly lowlifes are still in love with the rock n’ roll dream: weekend benders, life on the road and any woman brave enough to indulge their man-child pursuits. They relish their time in society’s alleyways as much as they riff on Jerry Lee and the boogie-woogie rock of yesteryear. Whether cavorting with drag queens, passing out at the liquor store or selling their kidneys to pay bully debt collectors, they use hyperbole to exemplify the struggles of a band on the margins. When co-songwriters Adam Weiner and Dan Finnemore tire of placing themselves in outlandish scenarios, they concoct some for characters I assume are facsimiles of those met in dive bars and diners. The obsession with swill and thrills belies what they secretly covet on every track. As Weiner says to a woman on a Persian rug after sex, “You’re talking about money / You’re talking about success / I’m talking about happiness.” GRADE: A-

Key Tracks: ”Shake it Little Tina” / “Danny’s Out of Money” / “Me n’ Annie”